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Zion Health at Atma Clinic

At Atma Clinic our goal is to ensure our patients get the absolute best care possible. We take care of our patients from cradle to retirement. However we realize there are some health events that require specialist care and that care can be expensive. With that in mind we have partnered with Zion Health to offer both primary care services and protection for major medical expenses that fall outside the scope of primary care. Zion Health is not health insurance it is a healthshare plan wherein all the members share the cost of healthcare. In may cases it is less expensive than health insurance and can save the individual thousands of dollars if they have an unexpected health event.


Some of the benefits included in the Zion Health plan:

  • Lower rates for Atma Clinic members

  • Guaranteed low monthly rates 

  • Simple to sign up and use

  • No annual or lifetime sharing limits

  • Attentive needs processing, normally provider is paid directly within 5 business days

  • Not limited by geographic region or country

  • Can work directly with provider of your choice

  • Supports alternative health solutions

For more information or to enroll in Zion Health click the button below.