Lawrence's only Holistic Family Practice


  • "Dr Sandal is the most qualified family practitioner in Lawrence, KS in my opinion"

SM, Lawrence

  • "This practice has the best staff I've ever encountered. I've been with them for years and wouldn't go anywhere else. I recommend them highly!" LS, Lawrence

  • "My care at Atma Clinic has profoundly positively impacted my health, as well as what I think is possible in healthcare today. For most of my adult life I've had chronic problems with difficult to diagnose symptoms that have made it hard for me to function. After spending years of seeing doctor after doctor, and having my concerns dismissed, it was a relief to find Atma Clinic. At Atma Clinic I am listened to. The practitioners spend time understanding my concerns, and researching my health issues. I feel the practitioners at Atma Clinic truly want to improve my health and quality of life."

                             CA, Lawrence​

  • "Very professional, offers opinions other than medication. Listens and asks questions you may have to clarify issues you may have" 

Ann Zscheile, Lawrence

  • "Dr Sandal literally saved my life, I can thoroughly recommend him

Ed M, Baldwin

  • "The best healthcare in Lawrence by far" 

Nathaniel Brown, KC

  • "I feel like I'm back to life again! It was a years long battle getting doctors to even pay attention to how I was feeling after my fibromyalgia diagnosis. Now I finally have relief!" K.G., Oskaloosa

  • "(In Dr Sandal) I found a true partner in helping me turn around my health and map out a path ahead for aging and changing"

Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, PhD, Lawrence

  • "If you are concerned about out-of-pocket costs at Atma Clinic, know that your care is worth the cost. The personalized attention, patience, dedication, and research given to your specific concerns, especially chronic ailments and hard to treat illnesses, is different than what you will experience at a more traditional medical practice." 

                          CA, Lawrence​

  • Over the past few years I have become more interested in integrative medicine as an alternative to traditional western medicine. I believe that I can achieve better health and longevity through changes to my diet and lifestyle, and by adding the right nutritional supplements, that will either reduce or eliminate my dependence on prescription medications. Dr. Sandal’s MD degree plus his specialization in functional and integrative medicine made him an ideal practitioner to help me achieve these goals.

MH, Lawrence

  • My care at Atma Clinic I'm most certain, saved my life. They knew right away what my symptoms were revealing. I was able to meet with Conner and have a physical. And also with Dr. Sandal same day. There are no differing opinions as you may have with one doctor or another to find relief, they are on the same page. I was able to rely also on Ayurvedic medicine practices via Dr. Sandal which includes pranayam breathing. This is what I wanted to include in my new health regime. When my supplements arrived by mail it took only a few days to feel the difference. I'm definitely functioning at a higher level of health and for that I'm deeply grateful. Of course I would recommend this place above any others in my entire life. The staff is also exemplary. I always look forward to seeing them! I'm very glad Atma Clinic is helping me get to the foundation of any health issues I have as opposed to covering up symptoms. I say wholeheartedly to all at Atma Clinic and especially Dr. Sandal- thank you!

SF, Lawrence

  • "I've always appreciated how Dr. Sandal had new treatments for me to try, new ways of looking at my problems, and new directions to go in, which is so important when dealing with persistent, chronic and sometimes vague symptoms. He listens patiently, and takes my concerns seriously. I feel safe, respected, and well taken care of at Atma Clinic. I really like that the practitioners at Atma Clinic use a blend of both traditional and alternative approaches, this was a huge asset in my medical care, and a benefit when dealing with long-term, persistent symptoms. And, I like how the different practitioners at Atma Clinic all work together to find the best care for their patients, which is a completely new approach for me to experience. Atma Clinic is the place to go if you are looking for a truly comprehensive, holistic approach to your healthcare in a supportive environment with personalized treatment, and professional care."

                          CA, Lawrence​