Sharon Burch

Advance Practice Holistic Nurse



Sharon Burch (A.P.R.N.) an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse who uses the integrative healing arts to guide clients to optimize their health, expand their wholeness, and embody their joy.

Sharon began applying holistic health approaches in 1977 when she learned that the default method of delivering babies in her rural county was tying the mother’s hands and feet to the delivery table so she couldn’t move and “assisting” the birth with metal forceps pulling on the infant’s head.

Trusting nature, Sharon trained during her pregnancy as if birth was an athletic event: she consciously chose her food, exercise, and mindset, and joyfully delivered a healthy baby girl at home.

That experience opened her spirit to a new world of possibilities and she dedicated herself to learning about and advocating for truth, health, and humanity’s innate capacity to heal.


Sharon is a board-certified Public Health Nurse Specialist, an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, and a holistic Health and Wellness Nurse-Coach.

She is also certified by the Four Winds Society as an Energy Medicine Practitioner. She has practiced nursing in hospitals, long term care, home care, hospice, and the community-at-large since 1974.

Sharon practiced holistic nursing in Lawrence, KS from 1993 until 2001. She left to expand her holistic insights by connecting with nature. She lived high on a mountain in Hawaii and deep a forest in Arkansas while continuing her studies with her mentors in healing.

She returned to Lawrence in 2016 and now lives in the Pinckney neighborhood. For fun, Sharon sings, dances, and listens to the harmony of Creation. Her motto in healing and living is “Life is sacred. Let’s honor the journey.”