What Is Holistic Primary Care?

by Conner Keyeski, APRN NP

Hello, my name is Conner Keyeski, and I am a family nurse practitioner at Atma Clinic, specializing in holistic primary care for children and adults.

Often people ask me what the difference is between conventional primary care and holistic primary care. I like to describe holistic primary care as a preventative, integrative approach to acute and chronic conditions, using diet, lifestyle, supplements and pharmaceuticals, when needed.

The integrative approach aims to uncover the root or underlying cause of a symptom or diagnosis. Often times, there is a culmination of problems that together are causing an ailment. Discovering and treating the root cause, versus a band-aid approach, is what sets holistic primary care apart.

Holistic primary care also looks at the person as a whole, considering not only the physical aspects of health, but the psychological, emotional and spiritual components that make humans unique.

My practice at Atma Clinic allows me the time to get to know my patients on a deeper level and develop a relationship that empowers them on their health journey.

An added benefit to receiving primary care at Atma Clinic is having access to other specialized providers, including functional medicine physicians, holistic mental health and wellness, functional nutrition therapy and cognitive decline evaluation and treatment.

Conner writes of his passion: "I was introduced to functional medicine and nutrition at a young age from my parents, who were self-educated in holistic medicine. Through my own childhood illnesses, I have seen how functional medicine, diet, and lifestyle can improve one’s health. I'm passionate about providing personalized care and helping others find root causes of their health challenges." Learn more about him here.