What COVID Has Taught Us -- By Dr. Neela Sandal

Covid, as we're seeing with the new variants, is likely going to be around for a long time as a perennial sprout, something that may flare in certain areas and communities. Covid has also shown us that our health systems have their priorities in the wrong places. The more we can learn from the pandemic how to re-prioritize health and disease prevention, the less likely those flare-ups will be.

Governments around the world have been rightfully worried we would have a pandemic for years, and in facing Covid, we completely failed when it came to containment and prevention. The old adage, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, is applicable to our healthcare now especially.

Our health care system has been more reactive rather than preventive. For example, if you're diagnosed with diabetes, a doctor will often prescribe you insulin rather than, years beforehand, checked your blood sugar regularly enough to see and treat any warning signs with diet, exercise, supplements, and even medications.

Embracing a narrative of prevention can not just save money and suffering, but it can save lives. This also means all of us learning more about our own health and well-being so that we can better discern when we need help to put ourselves in the best position possible for good health.

Unfortunately, when a pandemic like Covid sweeps through, those who are living with chronic health conditions are most at risk. This realization shines a bright light on how much we need to retool our health system not just to respond better to any future pandemics but to help people find a health net of prevention.


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