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Transforming Anxiety into Healthy Habits -- By Sharon Burch

It’s hard to focus when our anxiety is high. This is partly because stress tends to reduce activity in the area of our brain that is responsible for rational decision-making, leaving us less able to resist our impulses. How then do we make healthier habits?

1. Remember that your life is valuable.

At some level, we are aware of our smallness in relation to big problems in our community, nation, and world. However, that does not detract from the inherent value of your individual life. You are unique and you bring unique gifts to the world. Remind yourself how important you are to the people around you and allow that fact to motivate you to savor each day. Despite the pandemic, today is no less valuable than a day was last year, and your life is no less important to the world than it was before. Keep living as your best self.

2. Be firmly intentional.

On a regular basis, notice how you are using your time and energy. If you are allowing unhealthy habits to take root in your life, clearly identify your unhealthy habits and commit to being firmly intentional in changing them. Along with this firmness, be patient with yourself as you attempt to change.

3. Look for opportunities to control what you can.

The time when it is most important to take control of your life is when the world feels out of control. You have little control over what other people are doing, but you can have a lot of control over your actions. To help overcome anxiety, control yourself in the 3 or 4 areas that are the most important to you. You might discover it makes more difference than you imagine it will.

4. Ask for help

Community and accountability are especially important in times of increased isolation, and there’s a good chance that your friends are struggling to keep healthy habits too. So why not challenge a friend to exercise when you do, become your pen pal, or trade some healthy food and beverage ideas? When you share your challenges and inspirations with others, you become more accountable and you encourage others to live their best life, too.


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