The Real Cost of Health Insurance & An Affordable Alternative -- By Ed MacMillan

Updated: Jun 29, 2021

According to the average cost of Health Insurance in the U.S. is $495/month or $5,940/year. In Kansas the cost is slightly higher at $511/month or $6,138/year, up nearly 4% since 2019. Of course this does not take into account deductibles, co-pays, out-of-pocket costs, prescription costs, etc. Any way you look at it, traditional health insurance is an expensive necessity, yet there are other ways to secure good healthcare.

Atma Clinic membership gives you access to high quality, personalized care for the whole family. Partnering with Zion Health, the highest rated healthshare company, allows our members a complete health package and an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance. Zion Health is like high deductible health insurance, in that once you have paid the deductible, your services are covered.

In order to compare the costs of Health Insurance vs the cost of an Atma Clinic membership and Zion Health, we have compiled the following example based on a 40 year old healthy female living in Lawrence, Kansas with an income of $40,000/year.

*Note being an Atma Clinic member gives you discounted pricing for Zion. In this example the ACA gives this person an additional tax break of $200+/month otherwise the monthly cost would be that much higher.)

This example illustrates how a combined Atma Clinic/Zion package can benefit the average person. As you can see, this makes the combination of the Atma Clinic membership and Zion Health an affordable alternative to traditional health insurance, if we were simply comparing apples to apples. The fact is that traditional health insurance has become expensive and locks you into their network of providers. Many traditional providers only see patients for 15 minutes/visit and are more likely to prescribe medications than discuss preventative health options.