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The Bredesen Protocol for Cognitive Decline -- A Case Study by Sharon Burch

Margaret*, an 82-year old woman, came to Atma Clinic experiencing memory loss, osteoporosis, and hypothyroidism. She felt discouraged and her daughter was becoming worried about Margaret’s declining memory and increasing struggle with stress. At her daughter’s urging, Margaret enrolled in the Atma Clinic’s Bredesen program to reverse her cognitive decline.

The Atma Clinic approach is always to fix the underlying issue. In this case, that meant checking Margaret’s body chemistry through lab work and recommending a number of high-quality nutritional supplements that were specific to her needs. Amy Bousman, our functional nutritional therapy practitioner, coached Margaret in making important dietary changes that support brain health. I coached Margaret in managing her stress and adding exercise and online brain games to her daily life. Together, our Bredesen team supported Margaret in taking effective action to strengthen her overall health, with her brain health as the central focus.

Over the course of the one-year Bredesen program, Margaret was able to improve her memory from a score of 22 out of 30 on a standardized cognitive function test when she started to 30 out of 30 by the end of the year. In addition, Margaret learned what she needed to do to maintain her brain health and she plans to continue following her nutrition plan, taking her supplements, managing her stress, and exercising on her own.

*Margaret is a pseudonym for a real patient.


Sharon Burch, APRN, helps adults maximize their holistic mental health and wellness. Contact us to set up your first appointment, which is free, at 785-760-0695.

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