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The Atma Clinic Approach to Insomnia & Atrial Fibrillation -- By Sharon Burch

Atma Clinic has a holistic approach to the hidden issues behind insomnia and atrial fibrillation. To illustrate, Sharon Burch, APRN NP, shares this case study:

SB came to Atma Clinic with insomnia, atrial fibrillation, and anxiety. These issues had been quite concerning to him but he did not want to take prescription medication, and he was looking for alternative approaches.

Dr. Neela Sandal checked SB’s body chemistry through lab work and recommended high-quality nutritional and herbal supplements while I supported him on addressing the mental, emotional and energetic issues that were possibly contributing to his health problems. In addition to his health challenges, SB wanted to feel freer to live more authentically and have more positive connections with people who he felt safe with.

The Atma Clinic approach is always to fix the underlying issue. In this case, that meant helping SB identify his thought, feeling and behavior patterns and take effective action toward meeting his needs in more meaningful, enlivening and life-expansive ways. We worked on this over a series of sessions.

In our fourth session, SB shared a recurring, frightening dream he had several times as a child. In discussing that dream, SB shared that his mother’s death when he was four years old, and his family’s lack of grieving it, had a profound effect on him.

When SB was able to grieve and honor this loss in the present, he experienced a significant reduction in his physical issues and new hope for the authenticity and positive connections he longed for.

If you’d like to experience The Atma Clinic approach for yourself, please contact us.


Sharon Burch is board-certified as a Public Health Clinical Nursing Specialist, an Advanced Practice Holistic Nurse, a holistic Health and Wellness Nurse-Coach, and a Four Winds’ Energy Medicine Practitioner. Find out more about her at https://www.atmaclinic.com/practioners.

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