The Atma Approach to Weight Loss: A Case Study -- By Dr. Neela Sandal

Mel* came to Atma Clinic wanting to lose weight. He had gained 30 pounds over the course of the last five years, and he was feeling fatigued. He also noticed aching in his knees and back, and he was feeling less confident about how he looked.

He thought his only option was the conventional approach of diet and exercise, especially since previous doctors had recommended that he increase his exercise and change his diet. But he hadn't found any positive results on his own. He was too tired to exercise, and he felt sick if he went too long without eating.

When Mel came to Atma Clinic for a second opinion, we determined that he was a good candidate for detailed analysis of his cellular nutrition, which led us to recommend stem cell therapies. We performed a detailed analysis of how his cells were functioning and corrected longstanding deficits.

We also used stem cell therapies to reduce joint arthritis that had been building up. These approaches gave him energy and reduced his pain, and now he was able to exercise and actually enjoy it!

We then worked closely with Mel on an exercise routine that fit his needs, and we helped him optimize his diet. The Atma Approach is always to fix the underlying issue. In this case, that meant first fixing the immediate barriers to success, then building a program that helped him find better health.

Mel has lost over 30 pounds and is fit, lean and loving life. He no longer has aches, pain, and chronic fatigue. Mel says his friends always ask her how he did it, and he and his wife are thrilled with his new lease on life.

*Mel is a pseudonym for a patient.