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The Atma Approach to Knee Arthritis: A Case Study -- By Dr. Neela Sandal

Dr. Neela Sandal shares a holistic approach to treating knee arthritis in this case study

Patient T.A. showed up with arthritis in both knees. This had been limiting his exercise, and although he’s always been a fit guy, he'd begun to gain weight and wanted to get back in action!

His options were steroid injections, knee replacement surgery, or to try something different. His orthopedic surgeon had told him it was time for surgery, but he wanted to investigate whether there were any sound alternatives. When T.A. came to Atma Clinic for a second opinion, we determined that he was a good candidate for stem cell therapy with prolozone therapy, a holistic approach to regenerating joints and other damaged tissue and alleviate pain.

We provided a prolozone injection into each knee. The procedure took only a few minutes and T.A. found it was basically painless. The Atma Approach is always to fix the underlying issue. In this case, that meant stimulating regrowth of the damaged cartilage tissue.

One week later T.A.’s pain was totally resolved and he was back to exercise! His pain has remained resolved now for over six months and counting.


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