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The Atma Approach to Dementia: A Case Study -- By Dr. Neela Sandal

Updated: 5 days ago

Sandy* came to Atma Clinic with early cognitive decline. She had been noticing difficulty with finding words for what she wanted to say for about five years, and it was worsening. The issue had gotten to the point that her friends and family were worried about her, and she was also concerned.

Her friends and family suggested conventional pharmaceutical therapy with a neurologist or to find another approach. Previous doctors had recommended Nameda (a common drug used in dementia cases). But she had tried that medication only to notice little improvement.

When Sandy came to Atma Clinic for a second opinion, we determined that she was a good candidate for the Bredesen Protocol. The Bredesen Protocol is a therapeutic, personalized program that identifies, targets, and treats the root cause of cognitive decline and Alzheimer's disease.

We performed an in-depth analysis of her biochemistry, which helped us determine the root causes of her brain inflammation and plaque formation associated with Alzheimer’s progression. We then got her started on a robust lifestyle and supplementation regimen designed to fix those errors.

The Atma Approach is always to address the underlying issue and to treat the whole person. In this case, that meant identifying and correcting the precise causes of Sandy's neurological inflammation. We moved carefully and scientifically, retesting as we went along to ensure results.

Sandy's cognitive testing improved from a point of “moderate cognitive decline” to “no cognitive decline detectable” in the span of six months. She feels more vital than she has in a decade and she’s loving life again. Of course, her family is also thrilled!

*Sandy is a pseudonym for one of our patients.

Dr. Neela Sandal is the founder of Atma Clinic. Learn more about the Bredesen Protocol we offer at Atma Clinic by contacting us at 785/760-0695 or signing up online for your first free appointment.

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