The Atma Approach to Annual Physicals -- By Conner Keyeski

The majority of visits to your healthcare provider are when something acute or urgent is going on that needs attention. A visit that often gets overlooked or pushed aside is your annual physical.

Annual physicals are a great way to take a bird’s eye view of your overall health. These extended visits give your practitioner and you the time needed to review your health history, medications and supplements as well as to discuss recommended screenings and preventative measures. You also receive a thorough physical exam that can help your practitioner identify any further recommendations needed.

For example, the benefits of an annual physical can include recommending preventative measures such as diet or lifestyle changes and supplements to prevent acute and chronic illnesses. Another benefit is early detection of health conditions so that we can intervene as needed and treat any issues in a timely manner.

The Atma approach to annual physicals encompasses the whole person by discussing diet, lifestyle and mental well-being in addition to the physical aspects of your health. Think of your annual physical as healthcare, not sick care.

Conner Keyeski, APRN, NP, has years of experience helping people find and sustain their best health. To set your annual physical, please contact us at Atma Clinic, Lawrence's only holistic family practice. Your first visit is free, and you can find out more on this site.