The Art of the Pause -- By Sharon Burch, APRN

Most of us are feeling more exhausted than usual, and with good reason. The experience of long-lasting uncertainty depletes our energy. If we try to bypass this fact of exhaustion and try to carry on with business as usual, we risk burning out or spiraling into depression.

Perhaps you feel as if you’re moving more slowly... and maybe your mind is processing a bit more slowly, too. So why not honor that fact and turn pausing into an art?

The art of pausing could include pausing specific activities for a specific period or it could be making a habit of creating more spaciousness in your daily life and work.

What if you ceased social media for two weeks? What if you turned off all Internet access for one week? What if nearly every day you claimed an hour to roam and wander in your mind or on a path or sidewalk?

Pausing is not comfortable for those of us born and raised in a culture of hyper-productivity that has equated idleness with evil and hard work with a ticket to grace.

The art of radical pausing is not an easy habit to foster in a world wired by tech corporations that have misused the psychology of attraction and addiction to get you to hang out on their platforms for longer and longer.

Pausing might not b