Testosterone Restoration: Treating a Commonly Undiagnosed Issue -- By Dr. Steven Stevenson

More than a decade ago I found myself unable to pick up my young grandchildren due to weakness and pain in my back. I also experienced several other symptoms, such as significant fatigue, generalized muscle wasting, and decreased libido. I tried exercise and physical therapy without improvement. Ultimately, I discovered that I had low testosterone and was diagnosed with hypogonadism.

Treating this dramatically changed my life.

Hypogonadism is relatively common and can be associated with numerous health issues and mortality. Yet physicians frequently do not screen for low testosterone, even in men with symptoms and risk factors commonly associated with hypogonadism. The good news is that this condition is readily treatable.

A conservative estimate (from a study involving 13.8 million men) is that 34 percent of men between the ages of 45 and 54 have hypogonadism. Testosterone levels continue to drop further with age and by the age of 85 at least 50 percent of men have hypogonadism.