20 Minute or Less Strawberry Spinach Salad -- By Amy Bousman, FNTP

Happy Monday! Let's be honest, Mondays are a drag. That is why I like to keep my meals down to 20 minutes or less of overall cooking and prep. Here is my favorite light lunch recipe!


● Baby spinach (1-2cup per person)

● Strawberries, sliced (1/4 cup per person) (or use raspberries if you’re in a real time-pinch! No slicing involved!)

● Soft goat cheese (1-2oz per person)

● Fresh basil, whole leaves (6 leaves per person)

● Flank steak (or other protein,


● Duck fat (1Tablespoon)

● Olive oil (hearty drizzle)

● Balsamic vinegar (hearty drizzle)

● Sea salt and fresh-cracked pepper