Setting Goals and Setting Ourselves Up For Success -- By Sharon Burch

Setting goals is important because they help us focus our attention, energy, and actions, and we are happiest when we experience what is most meaningful to us. The only downsides are when the timeline we set for ourselves is unrealistic for our resources and the scope of the goal.

I had a friend who set big goals. They got him really excited, but they were so big that he was under-resourced, often felt overwhelmed, and was not able to achieve them with the energy he had. In contrast, I have known other people who set small goals and achieved them, but they lived a small, fairly monotonous life.

So go ahead, set goals for the New Year that give you enough of a stretch to inspire you, but allow for time to become more resourceful and don’t get overly attached to the timing of you reach them.

Sometimes a small goal, such as a short walk everyday, can be a stretch and also just the thing for us to put on our schedule. Other time, we may need a challenge with ample support to help us bring greater improvements to our health, work, and life. Give yourself space and spaciousness to determine what you need to aim for as well as the resources and support you need to realize this goal.


If you have goals that you’ve not been able to reach, Sharon Burch, APRN,