School Lunch Alternatives -- By Amy Bousman, FNTP

Back to school time is right around the corner! My kids are going to school FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME EVER!! And, If I'm honest, I’m kind of freaking out about it a little bit :)

Knowing what I know about the never-ending sugar train that can accompany school rewards, celebrations, etc., and how this sugar can impact cell health and moods, I’m trying to plan ahead to ensure that my kiddos get some nutrient-dense calories packed in, especially on school days. To counter the onslaught of sugar that they’re sure to meet at school, my lunch goals are twofold: first is to feed their developing brains, which can quickly tire out after a day of learning their favorite food: HEALTHY FATS. Healthy fats are connected also with my second goal in preparing nutrient-dense school meals in that healthy fats (and to some extent proteins) help to balance blood sugars. This, in turn, helps to stabilize moods and keeps the brain sharp throughout the day.

The meals in this menu are by no means the most ideal from a nutrient perspective, rather they are more nutrient-rich versions of the types of meals that you might find in the school cafeteria. My hope is to provide tasty, normal-looking school meals that stabilize blood sugars, keep the brain active and alert, and to not make my kids stand out as the ones with the weirdo nutritionist mom. Outside of the sample lunch menu plan that I’ve provided, consider these yummy snacks for additional fuel throughout the day: F-BOMB nut butter packs, Wholly Guacamole single serve packs with baby carrots or red bell pepper slices, grass-fed jerky and Macadamia nuts. Here’s to healthy kids growing big, brilliant brains! Make sure to keep an eye out this week as I will be uploading a recipe every weekday this week!


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