Nutrition IV Therapy Can Boost Your Health -- By Conner Keyeski

Updated: Jun 3, 2021

We do need to drink and eat our vitamins and nutrients, but there's an additional way to boost our health. Intravenous (IV) nutrition therapy consists of vitamins and nutrients delivered directly into a vein to obtain optimal absorption and utilization by the body’s cells.

IV nutrition therapy has many uses, for a number of different diagnoses and ailments. The most common indications include fatigue, inflammation, pain, chronic infections, immune support, detoxification support, mental clarity and cancer support (Padayatty et al., 2010). Examples of specific times when IV nutrition therapy can be beneficial is before and after dental procedures, after vaccine administrations and recovery from athletic performance.

Two types of IV nutrition commonly used at Atma Clinic include Myer’s cocktail and glutathione. Myer’s cocktails contain ascorbic acid (vitamin C), magnesium and B vitamins. Each Myer’s cocktail is patient specific and doses of ingredients are customized to their needs. Additional vitamins and nutrients are also available if needed.

Glutathione is one of the hardest working antioxidants in our body, supporting detoxification and methylation. The two organs that use glutathione the most are the brain and the liver. Glutathione is also an important factor in mitochondrial function which assists in anti-aging and longevity (Pizzorno, 2014).

To learn more about Nutrition IV Therapy for your health, please contact us at Atma Clinic.