Inflammation at the Root of Many Common Illnesses - By Neela Sandal

Inflammation is at the root of a lot of common illnesses, such as allergies, asthma, heartburn, and muscular aches and pains. Inflammation is our body's way of cleansing itself, fighting off infecting, repairing damaged cells, and so much more.

Inflammation is one of the foundations of our body's systems, and when have dysfunctional systems, we have higher amounts of inflammation, which makes us prone to develop a whole spectrum of disorders that appeal to be dissociated from their root cause. The trouble begins when our body becomes either overwhelmed with these tasks, or hyper sensitized, which triggers too much inflammation, but we need to keep in mind that inflammation in moderation serves our body well.

The interesting thing about inflammation is that it doesn't sit in one place. We have inflammation in our gut, and it affects the rest of the body as well. When we have one area of our body that's having a particularly hard time, it can be a source of inflammation for our entire body. While inflammation is the basis of a lot of complex disorders, it's not focused on too much in traditional medicine because the roots of inflammation may not be apparent through the symbols we're experiencing.

With the integrative approach, what we are trying to do is to figure out how to clean up all of these different kinds of systems in the body. We don't want to look at a disorder and say to a patient, “We got it 50% better, so good luck.” We want to say, “We did the heavy lifting, and now what are the other pieces that led to that? What is the underlying dysfunction that ultimately brought us to this manifestation of illness?”

A good example is a pollen allergy, which is the body's over-reactivity