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Inflammation and Heartburn -- Dr. Neela Sandal

Inflammation is intricately tied to many health issues, including heartburn. Yet we want to be as specific as possible to an individual's root cause of inflammation. Heartburn is often exasperated by global inflammation, but it usually has a really local source.

Many cases of heartburn are the body's attempt to regulate the system by increasing the acidity in the digestive system, something we do without being conscious of what's happening. Yet if we pay attention, we may recognize some reactions to a difficult kind of food that disagrees with us. Or because the wrong kind of bacteria is outwitting our system, we may get to the point where the amount of acid productive escalates, and the stomach lining becomes irritated and can't handle it comfortably.

Traditional medicine's approach is to reduce the stomach acid, which makes us feel better but often doesn't address the root of the problem. In heartburn, the specific cause is often located in the gut itself, and finding ways to strengthen the health of gut can help us much more in the long run.

As an example, if we can determine there's an irritating bacterial overgrowth, we clear that overgrowth and repair our gut. In the process, we'll stop producing as much acid and the body have breathe a sigh of relief. This is the integrative medicine process as much as we can, going to the root.


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