Getting to the Roots of Autoimmune Diseases

By Dr. Stephen Stevenson

Functional Medicine, on the other hands, looks upstream to see why the body is attacking itself, and what can be done to halt and even reverse this process. For example, treating Rheumatoid Arthritis would entail taking into account a person's whole health, looking for what issues have contributed to this autoimmune disease in the first place.

Symptoms that show up in the joints could be rooted, like many autoimmune diseases, in gut health. When the lining of the gut is intact, it prevents large molecules from entering the bloodstream. When this barrier is damaged by various drugs, toxins or infections, then molecules that normally are prevented from crossing into the body leak through and initiate an immune response. If these molecules look similar to our own body parts, or happen to come to rest in specific body parts, then our immune system starts attacking those body parts as well.

Functional Medicine's approach, especially if put into practice early, can enable us to reverse, cure, or put into indefinite remission several diseases thought lifelong sentences.

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