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From Chronic Fatigue to Health and Vitality: A Case Study -- By Sharon Burch, APRN

Charlotte* was a 39-year-old woman who came to Atma Clinic seeking help with chronic fatigue and digestive problems varying between mild to severe. The Atma Approach is always to fix the underlying issue. In this case, that meant assessing Charlotte’s symptoms, doing lab tests, and discovering that Charlotte had food sensitivities, reactionary bowel inflammation, and general physical inflammation overall.

Dr. Sandal instructed Charlotte to add more routine to her life, especially in the areas of her daily caloric intake, movement, and sleep. Then he recommended that she do daily sesame oil abhyanga, which is an Ayurvedic approach to health that involves massage of the body with warm herb-infused oil. He also suggested that Charlotte consult with Sharon Burch, APRN, Atma Clinic’s holistic mental health specialist, because he thought Charlotte’s relationship stressors might be contributing to her physical inflammation.

In her first visit with Sharon, Charlotte said she wanted to find groundedness amidst a conflict she was having with her husband. Sharon found Charlotte to be a strong and resourceful woman who was not afraid of her feelings, even when they were potent. After listening to Charlotte’s descriptions of her situation, Sharon recommended to Charlotte these practices that others might also find helpful:

1. Make a private sacred space or altar in your home where you can focus on grounding and nurturing yourself, your relationship with your husband, and your spirit allies.

2. Give yourself some private time in nature, touching the earth or a large tree. While there, let yourself sit in your pain, limbo, and fear of loss, feeling it, and neither pushing it away or grasping for change. Use your breath to ride the waves of your feelings.

When Sharon returned in a week, she reported that she followed these instructions and experienced dramatic self-empowerment and insight. Additionally, she and her husband listened to each other and reunited.

In my second session with Charlotte, we discussed ways Charlotte could navigate her energy fluctuations to produce more stable, predictable experiences for herself and her family. Charlotte also decided to begin couple’s counseling sessions with me to support and maintain the relationship between her and her husband.

Charlotte found her energy and vitality through our holistic approach, and she is feeling better and more confident.


*Charlotte is the pseudonym for a real patient.

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