From Feeling Broken To Finding Breakthroughs: A Case Study -- By Sharon Burch, APRN

Megan* was a 45-year-old woman who came to Atma Clinic for help with depression. She was also experiencing bloating after meals. Megan worked with Dr. Sandal on her digestive issues and Sharon Burch, APRN, on her depression. Dr. Sandal tested Megan for problems absorbing the nutrients from the food she was eating.

When I first met Megan, she described herself as rarely feeling passionate about anything and said she lacked purpose. She experienced a lot of negative, critical self-talk and self-doubt. She often compared herself to her husband, who was "a perfectionist,” very competitive, and very accomplished.

Megan had been feeling depressed, weepy, and angry since she stopped taking antidepressant meds. She often felt like she was not good enough. She wanted to cultivate more self-love and be less self-critical, more at peace, and more patient with herself and others.

Through our meetings, Megan began to see how her past experiences of sexual trauma had amplified her self-doubt and inner critic. Together, we reflected on the idea of "broken" people and wholeness, the purpose and usefulness of sadness and anger, and the lessons or gifts we can receive from our experiences. She became more insightful about her thought and behavior patterns.

Megan implemented my instructions and suggestions, including connecting with herself through self-compassion. It struck her how she talks to herself differently than she did to her friends. She had heard that before, but somehow it went deeper this time, and she experienced a transformation in her view of herself.