Finding a New Lease on Life and Health: A Case Study -- By Sharon Burch, ARPN

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Stephanie* was a 55-year-old woman who came to Atma Clinic for help with long-standing hormonal imbalances and unwanted weight gain. She struggled with short-term memory loss and fatigue because she often woke up at night and laid awake for one to two hours before falling back asleep. She worked with Dr. Sandal on her hormonal issues and Sharon Burch, APRN, on her insomnia.

In my conversations with Stephanie, she soon realized how strongly she wanted to stop feeling she's "not good enough" and have a new purpose in life now that her kids were out of the house. She wanted to take singing lessons, but she felt afraid about failing in this. Ever since she was date-raped in college, she had felt guilt, self-criticism, shame, and deep, silent anger toward men and their sexual energy. She wanted to be more open to her husband and saw her sexuality as being at the top of her list of self-doubts.

Stephanie was ready to work on her shame and self-criticism, so I guided her in experimenting with moving the energy of her emotions through music and movement. She experienced an "aha"' moment when she used breathwork to feel into her body sensations and emotions. Over the next few months, Stephanie learned to pause and feel her feelings, using movement and her breath as vehicles to move through her feelings of self-doubt and criticism and to practice self-compassion instead.

Through her work at Atma Clinic, Stephanie discovered how to replace her self-criticism with self-compassion, and she began sleeping well. To learn more about Atma's holistic counseling, please contact us to set up your first (free) visit.