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Celebrating with Delicious, Nutrient-Dense Holiday Meals -- By Amy Bousman

As a home-chef whose food is sought out at family and community gatherings, I have learned a thing of two about stalking out solid recipes to cook and share with my loved ones that are both delicious and nutritious. Good food doesn’t have to taste bad, and in my personal case, so long as I’m utilizing high-quality ingredients recipes, it rarely ever does.

Although COVID has turned our traditional holiday gatherings on its head, that doesn’t mean that we should forego nourishing ourselves and those in our inner circle. In fact, deep nourishment is the most beautiful gift you can give yourself during this unusual season.

Consuming nutrient-dense foods supports every cell in your body and gives a much-needed boost to your immune system. Plus, nutrient-dense foods will give your body long-lasting energy, which means you will fill up faster with healthier foods, as opposed to dealing with fast-burning sugars and dips in energy.

Holidays don’t have to be filled with processed sugars and unhealthy fats. Dealing with post-holiday bloating, inflammation and low energy is a thing of the past for me, and my disease-fighting potential is the better for it.

Here are a few of my FAVORITE blogs and resources for seeking out nutrient-dense, super tasty holiday foods:

  • For the tastiest ever cranberry sauce: https://againstallgrain.com/2017/12/06/paleo-cranberry-sauce-recipe/​. Danielle has an abundance of wholesome, yummy recipes; I’d encourage you to explore her site.

  • The pumpkin pie I’ll be making this year: https://www.primalpalate.com/paleo-blog/a-new-pumpkin-pie-recipe-for-thanksgiving/​. I make my own grain-free crust and top the pie with homemade whipped cream (using organic whipping cream, maple syrup and vanilla). Similar to Danielle’s site, Primal Palate is overflowing with fantastic recipes. I’ve never been disappointed!

  • For a super yummy salad that even the veggie-haters will love, try https://getinspiredeveryday.com/food/spinach-salad-with-mandarin-oranges-and-warm-b acon-dressing/

  • Hassleback Sweet Potatoes are super easy to make and look super impressive! Find it at https://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/food-network-kitchen/hasselback-sweet-potatoes-recipe-2106932

Whether you spend this holiday season with your family via Zoom, with yourself or your immediate family at home, or if you don’t celebrate any holidays at all this season, our hearts are with you. You deserve the gift of health, of deep nourishment and of a stellar-strong, COVID-combating immune system, delivered via foods that are out of this world flavorful.


Amy Bousman is a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner at Atma Clinic. Learn more about her here. Contact us at 785/760-0695 to schedule your first visit, which is free.