Cardiovascular Health: A Case Study -- By Conner Keyeski

Stan* came to Atma Clinic for a different perspective regarding his cardiovascular and overall health. He had a history of a heart attack and high cholesterol.

While we were working with Stan on diet and lifestyle changes, he brought up the topic of heart rate variability (HRV). He had recently purchased an Oura ring (a sleep tracking ring that also monitors heart rate) as he was interested in gathering more data related to his health.

One of the measurements the Oura ring measures is the Heart Variability Rate (HRV), which is the variation in time between each heartbeat that is regulated by the autonomic nervous system. HRV can be a determinate of our longevity and is affected by factors including diet, exercise, sleep and mental health.

Stan had implemented nutritional changes including following a more whole food plant focused diet, eliminating processed foods and sugars, and adding personalized supplements. He also started a more consistent exercise routine with 5 days a week of walking and 2 days a week of biking or swimming. Over time, he noticed that his HRV was gradually increasing, along with improvement in energy. He also saw a decrease in muscle aches and pains.

Stan was eventually able to stop some of his prescription medications and get back to enjoying time in nature and with his family. With Atma, he was able to develop a plan based on the health improvements he sought, and he also found the support and guidance to stick with that plan.