Anxiety and Being Human -- By Sharon Burch

If you experience anxiety, you might be struggling with feeling out of control and looking for the source of your panic so you can stop it. However, there’s often more than one reason for an emotional response. Surprisingly, letting go of rigid thinking and accepting the multidimensionality of our feelings might help us take back control.

Employing the logic of “Yes, and” can help you to challenge your either/or thinking and relax your desire to have the answer. Yes, my feelings about a situation may be “unfair” AND I can still feel them. Yes, I have opinions that not everyone may like AND I can still have them. Yes, I see a situation one way AND it’s okay that this person sees it another way — their lived experience doesn’t negate mine AND mine doesn’t negate theirs.

This also means that I don’t have to beat myself up for being human. There is no objective truth, and emotions are not right or wrong. Emotions are just energy in motion; they don’t define us unless we hold onto them or prevent them from moving through.

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