A Holistic, Integrative Approach to Healthcare and Healthcare Costs -- By Ed MacMillan

Much of modern medicine is focused on the treatment of symptoms rather than prevention, and this translates into big healthcare costs for patients and our culture at large. At Atma Clinic each individual is treated according to the root cause and not merely the symptoms of health issues, which can help patients prevent more extensive and expensive illnesses and conditions.

Consider these examples of real patients (names changed for confidentiality) who we've helped, sometimes in dramatic ways, with both complex and simple cases. I have included the costs associated with the care to give readers a sense of how the Atma approach can help patients with better financial health too.

Case One: Chronic Illness

Julie came to the clinic after having been chronically ill for eight years. She had spent thousands of dollars on expensive treatments, went to the Mayo Clinic, and tried conventional treatments through her primary care doctor and various specialists. She was given a range of drugs and therapies that didn't alleviate her symptoms and sometimes had challenging side effects.

Dr. Sandal both consulted with her in-depth and did some medical tests, which led to him prescribing some herbal supplements. After 30 days, all her symptoms resolved themselves, and Julie is no longer miserable. She feels she has been given a new lease on life and is back to work full time. The cost for her care included two visits with Dr Sandal: $600. Testing: $150. Membership dues $120/month.