A Choice to Live More Authentically: A Case Study -- By Sharon Burch

Alice* came to Atma Clinic experiencing depression and unwanted weight gain. Dr. Sandal checked her body chemistry through lab work and recommended a few high-quality nutritional and herbal supplements while I supported her in addressing her mental, emotional, and energetic issues.

Alice wanted to live more authentically and have more reciprocal relationships with her family and friends. She shared that she is a natural empath and has a hard time shielding herself from picking up the heavy energy that others are carrying. In the past, she’s taken antidepressants to help balance this.

Growing up, AC always had to care for her siblings and parents and rarely received reciprocal caring. Now, all she knows is giving more energy to others than to herself, and she’s exhausted from doing that. She uses sugar to comfort herself and pick up her energy.

Because the Atma Clinic approach is always to fix the underlying issue, we helped her explore the behavior patterns, thoughts, and feelings that had served her as a child but were no longer serving her in the present. Together, we planned how Alice could take effective action to strengthen her belief in her worth and develop her ability to meet her needs in more authentic and enlivening ways. She used the tools I shared with her and I supported her development as she grew over a number of months.