7 Strategies To Enhance Your Sauna Detox Experience -- By Dr. Stephen Stevenson

Sweating under any circumstances removes toxins from the body, and that’s generally a good thing.

In a previous blog I made some suggestions on how to safely do that sweating in a sauna. Now I’d like to make some suggestions on how to optimize your sauna experience. The following strategies can potentially enhance the removal of toxins and prevent their reabsorption when you take a sauna.

  • Sweating helps to rid the body of toxins, but it also causes the loss of a lot of fluid and electrolytes, so it is important to drink at least a couple of glasses of water prior to your sauna and another couple glasses of water immediately following your sauna. If you are using a sauna more than once or twice a week it also is important to take an electrolyte supplement along with the fluid. Electrolyte supplements can be purchased at most health food stores, but they can also be made at home with a recipe that can be found at the following link: Natural Sports Electrolyte Drink Recipe (With Flavor Options) (wellnessmama.com)

  • Just prior to your sauna it’s good to do 15-20 minutes of aerobic exercise to increase your circulation and facilitate sweating.

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