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Neela Sandal, MD

Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine

I founded Atma Clinic because I wanted to practice medicine differently.  My education and training empowered me to make a huge difference in my clients' health and vitality, but the business-as-usual medical system was keeping me from spending the necessary time and attention with my clients. I wanted to use a subscription model, so my clients and I could form a lasting partnership in health.

I also wanted to lead a medical practice that was based on the most cutting-edge science available:  A practice that uses molecular biology and recent research to build an effective and personalized treatment plan for each client.  I also wanted to mine the richness of less conventional healing traditions, utilizing the best methods and techniques available.

I graduated from high school in Baldwin City, Kansas.  I then earned a Bachelor's degree with distinction in Biology from Cornell University.  After that, I returned home to Kansas for medical school at the University of Kansas School of Medicine, and then completed a three-year medical residency in Family Medicine and Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona.  I am Board Certified in Family Medicine and am licensed to practice medicine in Kansas.  Throughout my medical training, I studied closely with leaders in Integrative and Functional Medicine.  I also studied Ayurveda, herbalism, energy healing, and other alternative healing methods, which I incorporate into my practice.

Beyond the Office
In 2008, I married Kansas native, Hannah (Kern).  We have a daughter who is almost two years old, and I love taking her out to explore the plants, rocks, bugs, and animals in our neighborhood.  I enjoy traveling, reading science fiction, and relaxing in good company.

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