Holistic Mental Health and Wellness

Finding the Essence

We are essential spiritual beings connected through our minds and body. Mental health starts with an understanding everything in life is connected. The wellness of the individual starts with the mind being peaceful. With that in mind the emphasis is on getting to the root of the issue while ensuring the individual has the resources they need for proper balance. This is the essence of mental health, a dynamic approach which feeds and helps the whole person.


Mental Health

Receive counseling and support to heal mental health issues. Our trained professionals help deal with various issues including managing Chronic Stress, Chronic Pain, Drug Dependency, Relationship Issues and the stress caused by caring for others.

Stress Management

​Many of us struggle with excessive stress, which can lead to a wide spectrum of health issues that limit our lives. Stress can make it hard to sleep well or enough, maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly, and bring our best thinking and presence to our work, family, community, and selves. At Atma Clinic, we help patients find their own best long-term tools and plans to manage stress.

Couples Therapy

Relationships can be messy and complicated. We take a dynamic approach to couples therapy working with each person to see where the blocks are and engaging them in a safe loving environment. 

Care for Caregivers

Being a caregiver can be one of the most rewarding experiences any person can receive. It can also be one of the most stressful, especially when one is caring for an elderly relative, or a loved one who is dying or debilitated. We give the caregiver tools to cope and thrive in these stressful situations, all in a safe and stress free environment.