Atma Clinic Membership Program


Atma Clinic is now offering a membership program for anyone interested in receiving premier holistic care. If you are interested in receiving more information on Atma Clinic and its services please call or text us at 785-760-0695 or contact us at and we will get back with you within 2 business days.

With the Atma Clinic Membership program you get:

  • Reduced cost for treatment

  • Access to a wide range of providers including:

    • A Holistic Family Practitioner

    • Doctors specializing in Functional and Integrative Medicine

    • A Functional Nutrition Therapist

    • A Holistic Mental Health & Wellness Therapist

    • A Dedicated doctor for Alzheimer’s and Dementia Screening and Treatment (Bredesen Protocol)

  • Complimentary One Hour Annual Physical

  • Access to a wide range of traditional, integrative and functional treatments, herbs, and supplements

  • Low monthly payments

  • Low co-pays

  • Access to many procedures including:

    • Stem Cell therapies for joint regeneration

    • IV Nutrition

    • Trigger Point Injections

    • Infusion Therapies for Complex Illness (ie Lyme Disease or Mold Toxicity)

    • And many more

Membership Pricing:

Single Membership $120/month. Access to top quality care for yourself or a loved one. Minimum 1 year contract. Discount 10% for full payment upfront.

Family Membership $280/month. Access to top quality care for yourself, your partner, and up to 3 at-home children. Minimum 1 year contract. Discount 10% for full payment upfront.

All memberships include communication with your providers via a patient portal, low-cost copays to see your providers, and top quality supplements at discounted prices.

Experience personal attention, providers who truly care about you, leisurely appointments, and top notch care. You have to see the difference to believe it!


Refer a friend and get $100 towards your clinic fees or supplements!**


*Services subject to change **Must buy at least one single membership to qualify

The following services are available to all Atma Clinic Members:

Holistic Family Practice:

Conner Keyeski, APRN, NP


Holistic Primary Care for the whole family. Our goal is to help you make the best decisions for you and your family’s health. Questions about vaccinations? Does that ear infection need antibiotics or not? Who are the best specialists in town?


Our unique practice empowers patients. You will feel listened to, cared for, and respected. Goodbye busy waiting rooms, goodbye difficult to schedule appointments. Hello excellent care!


Copay: $50/half hour


Functional and Integrative Medicine

Neela Sandal, MD


What is the root cause of your illness? Is it possible to get off of your medications? Have a mysterious illness that no one else can figure out? In-depth personalization of your care offering analysis of your unique genetics, cellular nutrition, gut biome, and the latest in Personalized Medicine.


Come, sit, and share a cup of tea with the doctor that hundreds of other Lawrencians trust to solve their toughest health issues.


Copay: $300/full hour


Functional Nutrition Therapy

Amy Bousman, FNTP


What diet is best for you? How can you lose weight and resolve chronic bloating or pain? Functional Nutrition Therapy is an in-depth approach to you and the best foods for your unique biology. Learn how to shop for, cook, and enjoy the best foods for you and your family!


Come and learn how to eat your way to health. Let food be your medicine!


Copay: $75/full hour


Holistic Mental Health & Wellness

Sharon Burch, APRN


How do we find happiness? When did we stop enjoying life and how can we return to peaceful balance? Learn how to best care for yourself and your loved ones. Sharon specializes in improving Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Relationships, and Chronic Pain.


Start living your best life!


Copay: $75/full hour