• Dr. Neela Sandal


A revolutionary new approach that works.

There is a new treatment for Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of cognitive decline. In most cases, this treatment halts the progression of the disease. In many cases, the treatment reverses the effects of the disease; people are able to reclaim functioning they thought was lost forever.

The treatment is not a new pill. It’s not a surgery. It is a whole-person approach that considers a person’s genetic makeup, environment, lifestyle, hormones, and more. Rather than prescribing the same treatment for each Alzheimer’s sufferer, the physician calibrates a personal approach for each patient.

This makes sense. Researchers and medical practitioners are seeing more and more that chronic, complex illnesses require multi-pronged, personalized treatment plans. Many of the chronic, complex illnesses have not just one, but many causative factors.

The researcher who developed this Alzheimer’s treatment, Dr. Dale Bredesen, compares this to a leaky roof. If you were trying to repair a leaky roof, and you found twenty holes in the roof, what would you do? Would you repair one hole and hope to keep dry? Of course not!

Yet, the old treatments for Alzheimer’s disease do just that. They plug one or two holes – addressing one or two factors causing the disease – and then give up. Most people get very little benefit from this approach.

In contrast, the Bredesen Protocol identifies at least thirty-six causes of Alzheimer’s. A person experiencing cognitive decline may have 10-25 of these causes active all at once. The treatment, then, is to address as many of those as possible.

At Atma Clinic, our team of providers provide comprehensive treatment under the Bredesen Protocol. If you are interested in learning more about the Bredesen Protocol and what we can do for you, call or text us at (785) 760-0695 or send us a message on our Contact Us page.