Can Atma Clinic provide primary care for my family?


Yes! We are happy to provide Holistic Primary Care for the Lawrence and surrounding area. We provide care for both adults and children. We will be happy to integrate all of your health needs in one location and get you and your family on the path to your best health! 

What is holistic primary care?


Holistic Primary Care is care that is focused on the entire person. It means you can spend extra time with your provider in a relaxed setting with a relaxing cup of tea. It also means shorter wait times and personalized care. It's developing a relationship with a provider who knows your entire history, and who then coordinates with all your other providers, conventional and alternative. It's knowing that pharmaceuticals aren't the answer to everything, but that sometimes they're necessary. It's care that helps you make the best choices for your health.


What is concierge access?


Concierge access is our commitment to making sure you're receiving the best possible care. With concierge access you receive:


  1. Access to your providers outside of clinic visits through our innovative patient portal.

  2. Rapid responses to all phone and email communication. 

  3. Same-Day Appointments for Holistic Primary Care. 

  4. Coordination with your other medical providers, including Urgent Care and Hospital providers as needed. This also includes coordination with international physicians if you're traveling abroad.


How much does care at Atma Clinic cost?


We offer free 30-minute introductory visits, so that we can discuss the specifics of your family's health. Memberships are tailored to individuals and families with an eye to affordability and access. A Basic Membership is $120/mo with a Family Membership costing $280/mo for a family of five. 


Why change to a membership model?

At Atma Clinic we do not accept health insurance, this has been a barrier in the past for many people who would like to use our services but could not afford them. With that in mind we have developed a membership model (much like a gym membership or COSTCO membership) in order to make the clinic affordable to anyone interested in improving or optimizing their health. Memberships are fast becoming the way to reduce overall costs, improve service, make care affordable, and open the clinic up for more people to participate. Becoming an Atma Clinic Member gets you access to an entire team of specialized Holistic, Integrative, and Functional Medicine practitioners all focused on helping you achieve your health goals. The membership model also allows for better coordination among the various providers within the clinic. By coordinating together the providers at the clinic will know your case inside and out and provide the right care personalized to your unique needs.

What's included in Atma Clinic Membership?


With a Membership you get:

  1. Holistic Primary Care for the entire family 

  2. Concierge access

  3. Access to all Atma Clinic specialists at low cost, per visit rates (much like a copay)

  4. Top quality supplements at discounted prices

Other Benefits include: 

  • Longer appointments

  • Personal attention

  • Improved communication before and after each appointment in the format you want (Phone, Text, Email). 


Use your membership to access top quality care however you like!

Can I see a practitioner just once or twice?


With the new model you can see your provider as often or as infrequently as your needs dictate. Now that we have a dedicated Primary Care provider you can be assured all your needs, and the needs of your entire family, will be met in a timely manner at an affordable price. Atma Clinic is committed to providing the highest quality care. This requires spending a lot of time and attention with each patient. To ensure the best care, Atma Clinic practitioners dedicate their time entirely to Atma Clinic Members. 


Can I see providers remotely?


Most practitioner services can be provided remotely by phone or video conference. For some services we do recommend visiting in-person (for instance, exams). Similarly, laboratory draws do require an in-person visit. 


Can I talk to a practitioner without commitment?

We offer a free 30-minute introductory appointment. There is no commitment and if you decide this is not for you we will wish you well and hope we will see you in the future. To get an appointment for your free introductory visit please contact us by calling or texting: 785-760-0695 or by emailing us at


What about laboratory testing (e.g. a blood test) work?


Atma Clinic carefully selects lab partners for the most advanced testing at affordable prices. Most labs accept insurance coverage, although some require an upfront fee. Atma Clinic will arrange for your lab specimen collections onsite at the clinic.


Is Atma Clinic accessible to persons with mobility impairment?


Yes! Our office, located at 1026 Westdale Road, has a handicap parking area and a ramp, plus accessible rooms (including bathrooms) to provide complete accessibility.


What if I have a question?


Please contact us and we will get back to you right away. You can call or text us at (785) 760-0695 or email us at or go to our website and fill out our online form at

Atma Clinic - exceptional care for the entire family at an affordable price!